Eclectic original from Cult accordion ensembles, string quartets & Jazz-ska to alt-country, nu-folk, roots & rockabilly.

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PS: no cover bands or ultra-loud combos please

In No Particular Order - By The Wheaty staff

The Wheaty staff are a multi-talented bunch.  
Here lies a unique opportunity to explore the hotel's inner lives in a rich conglomeration of ideas, sound, colour and form. 
Opening Thurs 6 May
Concludes 31st May
Image (detail) by Beej Barker
Thursday 6 May
6.00 PM
Monday 31 May
In No Particular Order - By The Wheaty staff

TRANSMUTATION Exhibition by Alysha Mallia

The evidence that our experiences and environmental factors impact us is undeniable. These forces shape nature's landscape, some impacting more than others. Our landscapes transform with the traces of these collisions and we are forever changed. Nature's resilience varies in strength, where one may slightly alter through experience another is changed completely. In an individual these changes manifest through behaviour and thought processes, the new version of self transmuted into a hybrid form of the old and new.


Thursday 3 June
6.00 PM
Monday 28 June
TRANSMUTATION Exhibition by Alysha Mallia